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Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection (RCBOs) combine the functions of an MCB and an RCD in one handy unit. They are used as part of consumer units when there is a need to protect against overcurrents and earth leakage currents at the same time. When the RCBO senses a fault, it will trip its circuit to ensure that both people and any connected equipment or appliances are safe from the change in current.

Our range of RCBOs features high-quality and affordable products from some of the best brands around, including MK RCBOs and Chint RCBOs. These are products that are built to last; you won’t be disappointed! In terms of specific items, the Chint 32A 30mA SP+N B Type RCBO, Schneider RCBO Single Pole Type B Curve and Hager 6A RCBO (Domestic) Single Pole 6kA 30mA Sensitivity Type B are all extremely popular with our loyal customer base and well worth a look.

Once you have your RCBOs sorted, browse our full consumer unit collection for everything you need including MCBs, RCDs & RCCBs, isolators, fuses and much more, and feel free to contact our expert team if you need any help in choosing the perfect products for your needs.

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