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Heating & Cooling

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Heating and cooling may be opposites but they are both equal in importance when it comes to homes and commercial properties. Being able to change the temperature in a property is paramount to being able to make guests – and yourself – comfortable. So, whether you need to cool things down on a hot summer’s day, get rid of steam or warm things up when the temperature drops, Electrical Guys have you covered with our comprehensive heating and cooling range for commercial and domestic properties.

Radiators and central heating

We stock a selection of heating solutions with enough choice to suit all of our customers’ discerning needs, so no matter how you want to stay warm you can trust that Electrical Guys have just what you’re looking for. Firstly, we offer a huge selection of electric heating supplies which includes portable radiators, wall-mountable heaters, and the high-performing and ever-popular Rointe heaters. The 2kW Stiebel Eltron Convector Panel Heater or our own 2kW Convector Wall-Mountable Heater are two of our favourites, offering convenient and adjustable electric heating with simple built-in thermostats.

Or, why not explore our fantastic range of ceramic core radiators which may be small but pack a mighty punch and are ideal for keeping homes, offices and stores warm all winter long. Built with cast aluminium and ceramic, these radiators are produced to last and are well known for their reliability. Of course, we understand sometimes you need something a bit more heavy duty than just a stand-alone radiator, which is why we also stock a great range of home and commercial central heating supplies, where you can find everything from boilers and water heaters to underfloor heating mats and more.

Cooling, fans and ventilation

Cooling systems are used throughout properties in the form of fans and ventilation, which is why we also stock an extensive collection of cooling solutions for both domestic and commercial properties. Whether you need bathroom ventilation – such as the effective and discreet Polypipe 100mm Wall/Ceiling Fan - extractor fans, grilles, spigots or air vents, Electrical Guys have you covered.

Browse the full heating and cooling range below or use the filters on the left to narrow down the products and find exactly what you need. Plus, don’t just take our word for how great out heating and cooling range is – read over 1,000 five star reviews from Electrical Guy’s happy customers!

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