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Lamps & Tubes

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Lights make up an essential part of both domestic and commercial properties, so whether you are a professional working in the electrical industry, or an individual taking care of your home, it's essential you get the right lamps and tubes to suit your purposes.

The Electrical Guys supply a wide variety of trade-quality LED lamps, halogen and compact bulbs, tubes and High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs to cover all types of lighting solutions. Our lamps and tubes are available in a wide choice of colour temperatures, in both dimmable and non-dimmable options.

Working with industry-trusted brands, such as Philips Lighting and Venture Lighting, we ensure that our products are not only suitable for your needs, but are of the highest standard, and meet the regulations expected of them.

LED Lamps

LED lamps have become extremely popular with our customers in recent years, as they are incredibly long-lasting and energy-efficient, while still giving a clear, bright light. We stock a variety of LED lamps suited to our customers' needs, in a range of bulb shapes, including spotlight, candle, and golf ball. Our cap types vary from our highly-popular GU10 LED lamps, to ES/E27 and SES/E14 models, and you can choose LED lamps ranging from 3 Watts up to 7.5 Watts.

Halogen and Compact Bulbs

The wide range of halogen and compact bulbs available from Electrical Guys reflects how diverse this product can be. These are particularly effective lights that create a clean, bright ambiance, and work on a range of watts; from 10W to 1,000W. Why not try our our range of compact fluorescent lamps, which have the same quality, but use less energy than incandescent bulbs?


Choose from a selection of fluorescent and LED tubes from our collection, suitable for illuminating large and small spaces with ease and energy efficiency. Browse our key brands GE and Philips Lighting or go directly to our our most popular ranges: T8 fluorescent tubes and T5 fluorescent tubes.

Our tubes come in a range of sizes, including miniature, like these GE miniature fluorescent lamps, to larger sizes, like this Philips six foot fluorescent tube or this Philips 5 foot T8 fluorescent tube.

HID Bulbs

HID bulbs produce an especially bright light. Due to this quality, they are often used to light up large outdoor spaces, and are also used for headlamps and torches, like our metal halide HID bulbs. Our HID lamps are available in a range of bulb types, including tubular, ellipse and capsule, to suit a variety of applications.

You can browse our full range of tubes and lamps below, or go directly to what you need using our search panel - or why not check out why our products have been given five-star reviews by our customers? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

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