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If you are responsible for the lighting of a commercial space, you have a duty to ensure the building is safely-lit, and the lighting creates the right atmosphere to match the purpose of the space.

The Electrical Guys stock a range of commercial lighting options to help you effectively light any working or commercial space, and secure the wellbeing of everyone using the premises.You can choose from a range of classic 2D and downlights, that are extremely versatile, and suited to a number of both indoor and outdoor commercial environments.

We also stock a range of batton lighting, commonly found in large commercial spaces, including T8 and T5 fittings. If you’re interested in conserving energy, this range includes the Pheonix LED batten fitting, the most efficient batten available on the market. Alternatively, if you prefer recessed commercial lighting, there are a number of panel lights that suit your needs, from leading brands NVC and Thorn.

If the space is used for more task-focused work, our collection of work site lighting ensures the safe and correct illumination of any space. Lights like the 2D task light make sure the appropriate light is provided, no matter how intricate the task. If you need to illuminate outdoor spaces, we have a selection of commercial flood lights available to light areas of different sizes. Whether you just need outdoor illumination, or security lights to deter intruders, you’ll exactly find what you need right here.

There is also emergency lighting available, to help you clearly and safely guide the way out of a building in a case of emergency; adhering to health and safety regulations too.

If you need some more advice on commercial lighting, we’ve created a guide to commercial lighting for different venues to help you illuminate your space. Browse our commercial lighting below, and don’t forget to take advantage of our free next day delivery on orders over £50.

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